2024 February

YOO Limassol's Construction Launch a New Era

The YOO Limassol emerges as the most iconic beachfront project in Limassol with 84 apartments and 81 villas. The much-awaited coastal masterpiece created in partnership with the renowned Philippe Starck, has taken a major step in the project's mission to redefine luxury living in Cyprus, as YOO Limassol moves into an essential phase of development.

With the road and the network infrastructure in the final stage, the construction of residential building has started under the guidance of a renowned general constructor. Following the construction launch announcement, there has been a notable increase in sales inquiries and agreements as potential buyers and investors are drawn to YOO Limassol by its irresistible appeal.


YOO Limassol emerges as an innovative idea: a city within a city. The project offers a seamless fusion of contemporary luxury and community living, creating an unparalleled standard for residential excellence with Philippe Starck's unique architectural philosophy, featuring a series of freehold beachfront branded residences, as well as a plethora of amenities to ensure a rich and varied lifestyle for its residents. YOO Limassol has already been recognized on an international level and received numerous prestigious awards including 2 World Best Awards.

It is worth mentioning that YOO is a global brand in real estate and has already been developed in 36 countries, and more than 45 cities (such as London, Hong Kong, Dubai etc) one of which is now Limassol. The companies that have been authorized to bring YOO Inspired by Starck to life in Cyprus are Property Gallery in partnership with Sarels E.P.C.M., which are the first companies in Cyprus and throughout the Mediterranean that Philippe Starck has chosen as a partner for his coastal project.

Video from YOO Limassol construction site
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